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The Best Intro Ever.

What should this be about?

Should it make any sense?

If all Bebops are self-conscious, and all Traptoes are fish eaters, then will all mice learn to swim?

Answer: Google




Future backstory:

Some day there will come a time that something magical might happen. After these events a blog from the past will be made to appear on the internets. This is when you know you have arrived at this page. From then on you will never look forward.

Relevant details:

The internet will so turn into a system of tubes and all of your thoughts will be moved into these tubes. Sorry that is just the way it has to be… also your pets have to go in the tubes, for safe keeping? Back to the point, make sure you buy lots of stock in tubes, they will be currency. And currency will be used to buy the tubes. So currency will also still be currency, except for buying pets… one must snatch them from within the tubes, which is dangerous because things inside tubes move quickly.

Thus the safe keeping!

Detailed Relevances:

Plastic. Also pneumatic power. Pet food. Commodities. Cartoon thought bubbles (for transportation of thoughts between tubes inside other, thicker tubes).

Statement of purpose:

To serve the common good, beer to get through the day. The dissemination of intellect. of Thought. of Pets.

Someone please help us. We are being held captive… in some sort of tube. There are thoughts and pets everywhere. It smells like plastic and thoughts. That is why we have started this blog.

To help control the smell.


3 Responses to “The Best Intro Ever.”

  1. tallrandy said

    I really don’t remember the smell being that bad.

  2. wingjivehard said

    Your nose was stuffed because you are allergic to pets. All of them.

  3. Wrestler said

    Nice. I ‚̧ you guys, you clever guys. I'm constantly reminded why I love being engaged to one of you!!!

    Does it release a smell when I punch you in the thought bubble? Yikes.

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