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Words Worst From Last Night

Posted by Randy on February 11, 2010

(252): Hey Chris, lets write a post to worldsworst from our phones like it was tfln. Then people will think we are interesting and funny for sure. 6:24 PM

(614): I already think people think im interesting and funny for sure. Example: i almost bought a book called John Dies @ the End, then i realized what happens to John 6:30 PM

(614): Wait, thats neither funny nor interesting. 6:31 PM

(252): I got a subscription to Maxim so people would find me more interesting. 6:36 PM

(252): Great conversation starter I got from Maxim that might make people think I’m interesting… Hey this mag blows. 6:36 PM

(614): Thats my new gay magazine salesman pick up line. It goes hand in hand w/ my Hawaiian flight attendant one: wanna get lei’d?6:44 PM

(252): Maybe we should play a game I learned having to do with gay Hawaiian flight attendants. 6:55 PM

(252): It starts off with us on the opposite ends of America. First we each need to convince a pilot to give us control of their plane for roughly 3 hours. We then try to fly the planes at each other as fast as we can. First one to crash their plan losses and is reincarnated as a gay Hawaiian flight attendant. 6:55 PM

(614): I just got a book about a gay superhero finding himself. Its called Josh Withenshaw: Biography of a Boy 6:55 PM

(252): What if we all had super powers Chris? Mine would be the ability to breathe… underwater. 6:58 PM

(614): Mine would be the ability to do Megan Fox whenever i wanted. And turn water into wine. Too much? I guess wine turns anyone into her, ill stick w the jesus power 7:02 PM

(252): That would also be a way to kill me if I was underwater. I guess we are enemies after all. 7:03 PM

(614): T. Randy Wilson: died at sea, when it turned to wine. Alcohol poisoning, with a BAC rumored at 103. He was a tall drink of water.7:10 PM

(252): I guess it was either going to be you or the sharks… 7:15 PM

(614): I wonder what would happen if you got a shark drunk. 7:16 PM

(252): Drunk sharks would most likely be hilarious. Maybe we should move to the middle of the ocean and get some shark drinking buddies. 7:20 PM


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