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Power to the Peepole

Posted by Randy on January 31, 2010

A great super power would be the ability to shoot fire out of different body parts. Over the last 15 years scientists have been working on a formula to determine what body part is the most “wicked awesome” to shoot flames out of. Their extensive research has returned this result: Penis.
Due to your ability to read this far into this post I will teach you how to obtain the feeling of your own super power.
Get chlamydia, people will soon think that you are “wicked awesome”. The easiest way to do this is to get drunk and have unprotected sex with the a whore near Shaney D’s house. Before you obtain your power, make sure she has her tubes tied, because you don’t want your first-born-child to grow up in Detroit. That would not be responsible.

Things to think about: How did Superman get all of his powers? How many ladies of the night would you sleep with to be Superman?/ Robin?


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