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American In America

Posted by Randy on January 27, 2010

A great idea for a movie is filming a guy driving to every Wal-Mart and McDonald’s across the Real America (read Texas), but there is a twist as one would expect in an epic film such as the one I am describing. The guy is not from Texas, he’s from Fake America (read a blue state) and to top it off our main character is wearing an Obama t-shirt. The film will cut to Michael Moore occasionally, playing air guitar to songs by Rush and scenes with Rush Limbaugh doing lines of coke. This would all be narrated by Big Bird and Nancy Pelosi. The twist… the American is really a dirty Frenchman and his t-shirt is actually an ad for cigarettes. That would probably blow Titanic out of the water.

Final twist (read spoiler alert), it was actually Avatar, you were just drunk when you watched it.


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