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Theme Week, Weak

Posted by christobub on January 21, 2010

Remember back in the day when you would have a week where you and your friends (or not your friends) would dress up as dictated by a different theme every day?

I have this suggestion for the week:

Sunday: “Lazy Sunday” –
ground rules
1. Wear ONLY sweats.
2. You can match, or don’t.
3. Holes welcome (no dirty drawers)
4. + 5 extra points for each headband/sweatband worn


wait, I really like the + symbol. I feel like we should rename it. “Plus sign” is not as much fun as saying words like asterisk or ampersand. From now on I want to call it Anderson Cooper.


Monday: “Somebodys Got a Case of the Mondays”-
1. Collared shirt and tie required.
2. Coffee mug.
3. I hate the show king of the hill.
4. Now I just want to find a real life version of Bobby and punch him in the stomach.

Tuesday: fuck Tuesdays.
1. Tugrussel Tuesday?
2. Ask shane.
3. Maybe taco Tuesday.

Wednesday: “WT Weds”-
1. Wife beater.
2. K fed.
3. Mullet wig or trucker hats only.

Thursday: “Thirsty Thursday”-
1. You drunk aaalllll daaayyyy.

Friday: “Funky Fridays”-
2. Afro?
3. No plaid, no tie dye, no chumps

Saturday: “Saturday Fatterday!”
1. Eat food
2. Wear a banana suit
3. Maybe a meat suit
4. Possibly a hot dog suit.
5. Yeah, hot dog suits get Anderson Cooper 10 extra points.

So we should, like, totally get into the spirit!

Wait, this isn’t a sorority.


One Response to “Theme Week, Weak”

  1. tallrandy said

    Can we switch Fridays to something more hangover friendly?

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