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Green Revolution

Posted by Randy on January 7, 2010

In an effort to make the world, and more importantly the readers of this blog, a little more environmentally friendly I would like to offer up some advice. First I want you to understand that just the act of turning on your computer probably killed up to 15 baby dolphins. Think of all the times you turned your computer on just to rub one out. That is 15 dolphins and a kitten, all killed as a direct result of your “insomnia”.

Back to my point, we need to paint everything green. Go buy lots of green paint and paint everything you own green to start. The faster the better, so be sure to get most of the paint in aerosol cans. Now is not a time to ask questions or have thoughts, it is a time of ACTION! Every moment you spend not painting our climate and Saturday morning cartoons get worse.

Things that you could paint:
Collard Greens (Double Green)
Poppey (the Sailor Man)

Remember the future of this planet depends how many things you paint green.


3 Responses to “Green Revolution”

  1. ARock said

    I just accessed this blog from Amsterdam…did not make it any better.

  2. Wrestler said

    Are you concerned too about copyright infringement to call the spinach-loving sailor by his name… Popeye?

  3. Christobub said

    Actually, I think it’s his Spanish cousin, Papi, and txt auto-correct stepped in.

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