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Conversation Starters.

Posted by joshuawithenshaw on January 6, 2010

We are all constantly meeting new people. In the first five minutes of meeting someone, we generally ask the most trivial questions. Where are you from? What do you do? Blah, blah, blah. I say let’s mix it up a bit. As a social experiment, I have made a list and plan on asking one of these questions within the first 3 minutes of meeting someone. I will document my research and post my findings for you guys to draw conclusions from.(No, I won’t.)

Here is my list as of now: (Feel free to add/subtract/improvise/ignore this post)

-Have you ever been fingered?

-Why are you so fat?

-Would you like to see a scrapbook filled with pictures of my morning wood?

-Can I set your tits on fire? (Follow up question: Pleeeeease?)

-What race do you hate the most?

-What is it called when you knock them out first? -Mike Dudas

-Did you hear/smell me just shit myself?

-If you could sleep with one family member, which one would you choose?

-Daterape? (Follow up questions: How often? Positions? Techniques?)

-Who has been a more influential figure in the past 2000 years? Jesus or Bill Cosby. (Things to consider: Walking on water, pudding pops, etc.)

-Why is the Pope SUCH a dick?

These are just a few that popped in my head on the spot. Let me know your thoughts.

Good Idea: Writing.

Bad Idea: Letting me write.

Worst Idea: Turning off the mom porn on my computer to type this.


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