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Posted by christobub on January 3, 2010

Good idea: starting up a blog with 3 of your good friends

Bad idea: trusting that you and them will write in it every day to share awful ideas and original thoughts.

Worst idea: lining them up at the opposite end of a room, giving them lances, and running at them yelling “JOUST!” over and over again.

(Side note: towards the end, I was reminded of a game another good friend Jeremy Troy and I invented but never followed through with. It was called JOUST! .
The concept simple:
Step one: get naked.
Step two: paint a target on one players vagina (yes I said vagina)
Step three: get an erection (see step two for assistance)
Step four: line up at opposite ends of a stage.
Step five: BLINDFOLD!
Step six: run like hell at the painted player to pierce that bitch like a hole in one!
Step seven: what?

Just think of all the corporate sponsors! We could get tattoos and sell parts of our bodies and be rich!

Things to consider:
-tattoos of the energizer bunny, count chocula, and the movie Avatar (bastard was sold out ALL weekend!)
-name a rock band naked joust
-Jeremy Troy?

end side note)


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