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Posted by christobub on January 3, 2010

Once upon a time, as most stories start. Wait. Actually, I don’t think most stories do start like that.

“Hey Shane”
“Yeah Chris?”
“Whens the last time you read a story that started with ‘once upon a time’?”
“Funny you should mention, I was actually jus….”
“Is it REALLY funny that I should mention? I mean, I don’t see anyone laughing at all. I’m over here with a serious query and you’re trying to tell jokes? What a dick. Randy, was that funny that I should mention?”
“Ok, 1st Chris, you came to me for help and I was trying to do just that so you’re a dick. And 2nd, query? Really? Anyhow, FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION, I never really learned how to read, so I’m not sure.”

Now I forgot my story.

Hey look, I drew us all beards


engaged beards

beard grew another beard

wizard beard


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