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Breakfast Beer

Posted by Randy on December 30, 2009

Back Story:
I awoke this morning with the a headache that can only be induced from consuming the fermented sugars of the finest 6-row Canadian malted barley. Suffering the consequent torture of this fine social lubricant caused my mind to slowly churn through the few cures know by man for this awful burden. The first solution that came to light was “the hair of the dog”, perhaps this ridiculously named remedy would help kick-start my day. As I stared at the cold glass bottle that had caused me this pain I decided there was a better way, especially since it seemed to only delay the inevitable. Next I remembered the perfect cure for my condition was greasy diner breakfast food. My ticket to becoming a functioning member of society would cost only $3.99 and would be full of grease, potatoes, eggs and cheese.

During my morning salvation the idea came to me that I could spin this alcoholic betrayal of trust accomplished by my frosty friend: The answer is not beer for breakfast, but breakfast for beer. A beer infused with greasy breakfast meats and toast. The very act of imbibing will no longer be the cause of our suffering, it shall be the cure.

Things to Consider:
Product placement
Possible light beer made with I can’t Believe it’s not Butter


2 Responses to “Breakfast Beer”

  1. Christobub said

    I support this. I once had a bloody mary made with bacon infused vodka. Then I had tequilla that had hot red peppers soaking in it for weeks. THEN I had rice whiskey treats! AND THEN I had chocolate chip cookies with bacon in them.

    All true except for the last one. It made me too anxious to actually eat them.

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